About Us




ABOUT Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families Inc was founded by families of women, children and men dedicated to providing disadvantaged families with a full level of support that is essential for them to overcome barriers and challenges.
We strive to maintain family stability through guidance and support and provide the resources required to reduce the disparities experienced by
marginalized communities.

It is the intention of Strengthening Families, Inc. to help create the foundation for families to establish a sustainable environment where they can increase their independence, grow, and prosper.


Meet Our Team

Jacqueline Slusher


As the CEO of STRENGTHENING family Inc., my foremost responsibility is to provide visionary leadership and strategic direction to our organization. I’m dedicated to ensuring that our mission of Strengthening Families remains with the heart of everything we do.

Michelle Middleton

Program Director

As the program director and dedicated board member of Strengthening Families Inc. Michelle is essential to the success of our organization. Michelle brings expertise and commitment to our mission.

Stephanie McCullar


As Secretary for STRENGTHENING families Inc Stephanie plays a crucial role in ensuring administration operations and maintaining effective communication within all board members.

Sandy Adamson


Is treasurer for Strengthening Families Inc. Sandy plays a pivotal role in managing the financial resources interest to us by the community, ensuring transparency, integrity, and responsible stewardship